Who can join!  Membership is open to anyone interested in aviation. You must be a member of the EAA national organization.  Chapter dues are $25.00 per year (or $40 initially if spouse's name-tag is added) payable to "EAA 309" 

Once you complete this form you can pay online by visiting the home page and clicking "Pay Annual Dues" button. You may also join by downloading our membership form and sending it along with a check payable to EAA 309 @ PO BOX 3083 Mooresville, NC 28117.

Note: Students are free and can become a member once they've flown their first Young Eagles flight and register on EAA's corporate site Click for more information

EAA 309 Local Chapter Membership


Step 1

  • Complete the following form or mail in your form. Note: an EAA national number is required prior to submitting this form.

Step 2

  • Pay local EAA chapter dues, $25.00 per year (or $40 initially if spouse's name-tag is added). Students are FREE.

Experimental Aircraft Association, Chapter 309, Charlotte, NC