Data Privacy

If you’re becoming a member using our online form or mailing us a paper form, your personal information will be kept safe. The purpose of storing this information in our Chapter Roster Management tool assists us with understanding current membership status, annual dues, youth protection status, google email distribution status, leadership roles, and biographical information allowing us to learn more about you. 

Policy for individual records:
We will not do anything with data for people with a Member Type of "Prospect" or "Non-Member"
For our chapter members with a Member Type classification of Regular, Family, Lifetime, Honorary, or Student: We will occasionally do a compare with our membership data and against EAA National DB to let us know which of out members are not current EAA International members.

Our Chapter Roster Management tool is specifically designed to provide us with an easy way to track your membership and share that info with other chapter leaders and members. Only members can access this information via our secure Membership portal. By logging into the secure membership portal you will have the ability to make your profile private prohibiting other members to see your profile. This can be changed at any anytime.

Benefits of our Chapter Roster Management tool:
~ One source of truth as to who is a member
~ Accessible by those who need it, when they need it
~ Get to know your members/Add photos of your members (Coming soon)
~ Help your new members get to know you with a sharable roster
~ Verifies current EAA membership
~ Know which of your members have completed EAA’s Youth Protection Policy

For more information regarding your privacy, please feel free to contact us.

Experimental Aircraft Association, Chapter 309, Charlotte, NC